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plastic rods tubes shapes

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Mold Making Supplies


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Mylar, Acetate & more

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Shop Epoxy Resins

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Plastic Tools

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And Accessories too

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How To Videos


TAP Plastics is the ultimate destination for DIY enthusiasts who enjoy home improvement projects. We strive to be the plastic fabrication company you turn to when you need custom materials, supplies, and tools to suit any project. We take great pleasure in educating customers about the advantages of plastics, acrylics, and other materials you can use in a variety of applications. Compared to other plastic suppliers, we offer one of the largest online product selections available, so you can easily find made-to-order materials that will last for years to come.

We proudly offer cut-to-size plastic and plexiglass sheets in a wide range of colors and sizes. Polycarbonate is an affordable alternative to standard glass. This naturally transparent thermoplastic is particularly useful for applications that necessitate sturdy materials. Our polycarbonate sheets are 250 times more resistant to breakage than standard glass and 30 times more resistant to impact than acrylic sheet plastics. Polycarbonate can also resist ultraviolet rays, heat, cold, and water damage, making it a reliable option for building barriers, fencing, glazing, roofing, and more.

What sets us apart from other plastic suppliers? In addition to custom plastic panels, we also offer a variety of rods, tubes, window films, epoxy resins, fiberglass fabrics, adhesives, casting products, and signage supplies to support our customers in every DIY endeavor. Our laser engraving services allow you to make informational signs, award plaques, machine labels, room numbers, and much more. Confidently cut, drill, bond, glue, route, and polish your projects by shopping from our selection of professional tools and supplies.

As a plastic fabrication company, we thrive on the entrepreneurial spirit that we share with our customers. We support the do-it-yourself concept, and all our employees are knowledgeable problem solvers. Let us help you turn any vision into a reality. Are you new to TAP? Create an account today, so you can quickly check out, print receipts, track orders, and make the most of your online shopping experience. Shop by department today! Please contact us today with any questions or special requests by calling 888-827-7330 or emailing info@tapplastics.com.